I found a bug. How do I let you know?

Please contact us from inside the app so we can check the issue on the device model and iOS version you’re using. Please give as much detail as possible to help us debug the issue. If we can replicate the problem we’ll fix it in the next update.

I have a feature or artwork suggestion. Can I send requests?

Sure! Send it from the form in the app to let us know any ideas you’d like us to implement or artwork you’d like to see.

Do you hand paint all of the artwork?

Yes we do :) Our team of professional watercolor artists hand painted and scanned all of the artwork. Painting watercolor by hand creates beautiful texture details that can’t be created digitally. This makes every piece unique. We’re working on more art updates for you!

Am I purchasing the rights to all artwork in your app?

You are purchasing a license that allows you to continue using our app and to use our artwork according to our terms. Licensed users agree to be legally bound to our Terms of Use. Please review our Terms of Use periodically as we reserve the right to change our license terms at any time.

Can I sell or distribute designs from your app?

No. The app and the work you create is for your use only. You may use it to brand your own business or for your personal use, but you are not permitted to sell or distribute the designs or any created from the app. Please review our Terms of Use.

I have a business that sells t-shirts, coffee mugs, posters, digital designs, logos etc. Can I use your designs to sell these products?

No. In cases like this the design is the main selling point so unfortunately this is against our Terms of Use.

I have a business and we create handmade goods, provide personal services, etc. Can I use your designs to create a logo to promote my small business?

Yes :) In cases like this your product and services are the main selling point so this is permitted.

Can you look up a detail about my purchase?

All in-app purchases or subscriptions are handled through your iTunes account by Apple, Inc. We do not collect any billing or purchase details. Please review our Privacy Policy.

I sent a message but didn’t hear back :(

Due to the volume of messages we receive we’re unable to personally respond to each one, but rest assured your message has been received. This FAQ section also addresses the most commonly asked questions and is regularly updated so you’ll likely find your answer here.

How do I manage my subscription?

You can manage your subscription anytime from the main menu inside the app. You can also manage subscriptions inside Settings on your device.